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What is a Long Term Rental Property?


  • Properties that are rented out by tenants for months at a time

  • A traditional real estate rental, where the landlord is receiving a steady flow of income from the tenants


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Long Term Rental Property Services


  • A comprehensive service that covers your rental property from top to bottom

  • Property Advertising

  • Interviewing Potential Tenants

  • Completing Background and Reference Checks

  • Completion of Rental Agreements & Condition Reports

  • Submission of Residential Tenancy Branch Documents

  • Collection of Rental Income and Deposits

  • Regular Property Check Ins and Maintenance

  • Handling Emergencies & Complaints

Long term rental properties provide an ideal opportunity for home owners who are interested in having less turnover and the possibility of more consistent income.  The process of finding an ideal tenant, maintaining records, handling inquiries and tenant contact is a daunting process.


Remove the stress and allow Lake Town Property Management to give you the “hands off” approach so you can reap the benefits of your rental investment.

Contact Lake Town Property Management to manage your property for you!

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